Freeing Your Marriage from Anxiety

Valentine’s Day is all about roses, chocolates and thou, and that’s all good, but this year do something different for your spouse. Cut worry out of your relationship. That unmistakable yet invisible interloper that trespasses on the sacred space you call home. Let’s see how.

What kills romance? A burst water pipe? A vomiting child?

No, no. The aphrodisiacal properties of finding the shelter in each other after such mishaps have long been documented. And coveted. What kills romance is when you’re out to dinner, and that story-teller voice in your head is regaling you with all the times you’ve kissed those adorable little wrinkles in the corner of your spouse’s eyes. You know, the ones that appear as if from heaven, when he smiles, and all of the stresses of the day seem to fall away and you are in that beatific state of appreciation and love, that you know from experience signals that certain highly desirable sequelae are inevitable. And then it happens.  

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