Fall Updates: Introducing The Worrywise Video Library

Hello readers, 

I hope this finds you well in this time of transition—  the change of seasons.  Here on the East coast in the US, I’m looking out the window at the patio where I enjoyed many warm sunny summer meals in the last couple of months. It was so hot for a while there this summer that we even brought fans out to make it bearable. Today as I sit shivering here looking out at the cold and rain that has ushered in Autumn this year, that memory from just last month seems so distant! I even pulled out the sweaters today, have my cup of tea in hand, but just can’t seem to warm up. 

But, here’s the thing—I know eventually I will. You know that too. 

We do get used to things. Fortunately, that is our wiring. When it comes to the change of seasons that may be easy to imagine and not that deep! But it’s also a metaphor and a pattern. We do adjust to things we don’t think we can. And that is deep.

I wrote a blog post about handling transitions a while back—I had to review this for myself. You may want to check it out.

One thing I’m really excited about in this new season: I have some new resources to share with you!

This summer I was able to put focus on a few projects that I’d been hoping to get to for a while (Read: YEARS).  A while back I filmed on my iPhone some educational videos about different anxiety challenges, and this summer, thanks to the beautiful vision and direction of MerSternMedia, these videos were brought to life in a way I hope you’ll love and love to learn from!  I know that these days the trend is for quick videos, sound bytes, etc— but anyone who has spent a second with me—or read my longgg blogposts knows—I don’t do short. I do long. So, my hope is that these videos will feel like a friendly, informative, chat maybe while you’re doing dishes or folding laundry, or riding the subway home—of about ten minutes or so apiece, where you can settle into the anxiety issue that you’d like to learn about, and get some practical tips to get to the other side of it. Please check out these Worrywise videos here.

So that’s the long of it, but maybe I can do short after all… 

Also this summer, with the help of a few interns easing me into the world that is Canva, I began to share quick ideas on Instagram. I hope you’ll join me there! It’s feeling good to get little snippets of ideas out quickly. Here is an Instagram post that I recently created about adjusting to change:

And here’s one more about helping your child with anxiety (works for adults too!):

One more thing…  this is turning into quite the newsy update. I’m often contacted by families around the country looking for consultation, and I am now able to provide telehealth consultation in most states in the US through a license I recently acquired called Psypact. Here’s a map of the states that participate in the program. I have limited availability, but if you are interested, you can contact me here.

I hope you’ll join me whether for the long, or the short of things to find practical ideas for all of us to make the world—both our own and our collective space— freer from anxiety, and as a result having more bandwidth for connection and doing our best for each other.

OK, time for another cup of tea. Wait, was there caffeine in that tea??

Sending good thoughts for all for this change of seasons and far beyond. Here’s to less worry all around!

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