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Books for Parents/Teachers of Anxious Children

When a child is struggling with fears, worries, doubts and disappointments, parents are the front line seeing the anguish and in a unique position to wrestle them free. Families can get locked in to their children’s symptoms when they don’t know there’s another way. When parent’s efforts to help backfire or are ineffective, they need advice that works.

The Freeing Your Child series offers powerful, practical strategies for parents of children with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and negative thinking. By cracking the code and taking the mystery out of confusing and distressing symptoms, parents will become experts in how anxiety and related conditions work.

Compassionate, streamlined and effective, parents will understand how their children’s maladaptive perceptions get built and reinforced, how they are nobody’s fault, but most of all, how to teach their children new ways to view their life. By learning how to identify the tricks the mind can play, such as magnifying the risk in a situation, children can choose to not go with their mind’s first reaction, and can instead develop the habit of reaching for a second sound reaction. When children have a roadmap to freedom there is no stopping them. Here’s a map to your child’s healthy, happy and satisfying life.

Books for Adults

We all know what’s healthy to think and what’s not, much as we know that reaching for the apple is going to be serve us far better than gorging on donuts. But it’s not so simple in the mind. Once we start on an anxious or negative track with our thinking, we don’t know how to get from the disaster in our heads back to the reality in our lives.

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