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Anxiety disorders are the most common and the most treatable psychiatric condition. For over two decades I have devoted my life to the world of anxiety treatment—teaching people powerful strategies to help them edit the distortions of their worry story, downgrade its authority, and move far beyond the limits anxiety can impose.

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Dr. Chansky is the author of numerous popular books on overcoming anxiety and negative thinking for adults and children.

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So do these non-medical masks we're all meant to be wearing actually do anything?

Well yes, yes they almost certainly do. Here's a thread about the current science.

Let's start by explaining this striking picture of a researcher speaking in a laser scattering chamber.

Mask Up! is on the move! We now have posters headed to NY, PA, MA, & Canada! Want a free poster w/ your neighborhood or town's name for shop windows as a friendly reminder to wear masks? We've got you covered. DM me; we'll send you a jpeg. #MaskUp #MasksSaveLives

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