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How to Calm Your Pre-Wedding Jitters: Royal or Otherwise

Wedding JittersAre we excited about the royal wedding? How can we not be? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are easily a fairytale couple, but when you listen to their story you can’t help but be struck by the genuineness of their affection for each other. Remarkably, they didn't know anything about each other and had to get to know each other themselves—wow, kind of like the rest of us! How did Prince Harry propose? Not at the Eiffel tower, or on some exotic exclusive island—but grounded, at home, in the kitchen, while trying to roast a chicken. How lovely is that? They know they need to keep choosing to focus their energy on nurturing their relationship and that is how they, and all of us, make meant to be happen each day. If you are getting jitters anticipating your own wedding coming up—here is a blogpost to help calm your nerves and warm your cold feet. Best wishes to all the happy couples. Here's to love!


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