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Name that (Worry) Tune: How to Catch Worry Early, Before it Catches You

Worry operates stealthily in our lives because we just start reacting to it without realizing it. When you name your worry voice, recognize the tune, you can quickly decide if this is the soundtrack you really need to your life, or if you'd be better served by changing the channel.

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Spring Cleaning Your Mind: Clearing Away the Clutter of Negative Thoughts

DaffodilsHello all, welcome to spring! In the time that I started and finished these next two blog posts-- the first about spring cleaning for your mind, the second about spring cleaning your relationship-- the weather went from snow, to the balmy 70's, and now back to pulling out the coats and hats. If nothing else, all of these changes are helping us work on our flexibility! And this is really what our well being within ourselves and in our relationships is all about. Happy spring cleaning!

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