Blog — New School Year Anxiety

Back to School Cheat Sheet for Anxious Kids

Back to School AnxietyThe other day I got an email from a dedicated school counselor asking for tips to share with parents about the back to school anxieties that are keeping everyone up at night. Every August we get that uneasy transition-y feeling-- even if it's been decades since we had to gather our school supplies and get on the bus! Though most kids navigate these transitions well and settle into routines within a couple weeks, that doesn't mean there aren't some back to school worries and fears. Here are some ideas for parents and school personnel to help kids manage those worries, put them in their place, and have a great start to the school year. Here's to less worry all around!


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Transitions: How to Lean In and Adjust to Change

Transitions ©BrianAJacksonAs summer draws to a close we all get that feeling, maybe a sinking feeling—the end of something. It can hit hard even if next week will look pretty much the same as last week. This summer my husband and I are transitioning into empty-nesting as our younger daughter settles into college. It feels like transition with a capital “T.” But no matter the size or circumstance, it helps to remember and trust that we all adjust to change, it’s in our DNA. Let’s trust that we’ll adjust, together.


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