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Freeing Your Holidays from Anxiety

Winter lights

Are you hoping that this holiday season will be different for you, and that you can limit the stress and connect more with what this time of year really means to you and your family? Me too! Here is a post I wrote a few years back about that very topic. Happy, peaceful holidays to all!


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More Joy, Less Stress: How to Take the Pressure Off Your Holiday Celebrations

Stress-free holidaysIf you are finding yourself stressing in the holiday rush, you are not alone. But it doesn't have to be this way. Here's a piece I wrote a while back about how to find what we are really looking for-- always-- but especially during the holiday season: those intangibles that are paradoxically truly palpable: connection, love, gratitude.

For me, that often comes from noticing that moment at the holiday table or living room couch when everyone is contentedly eating and conversation is flowing and my only wish is exactly what I am experiencing right then. Sometimes that picture doesn't happen, and something else happens that hits that spot. What is that moment for you? Let's all be on the look out for those times where we stop worrying about what's next, or what should be happening and instead thoroughly savor what is. Happy, peaceful holidays to all!  


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