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How to Prevent Disappointment: 6 Strategies for Getting What You Need

I want it! I need it! I have to have it! If I don't, I'm gonna... If you want to prevent disappointment, add some give and flexibility in your expectations. This piece that I wrote for Huffington Post tells you how.

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A Parent's Response to Kids' Disappointments

clappstar / Kids Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

No one likes to lose, but for some kids losing isn't a superficial scratch on the ego, it goes deep. In fact the reason why some kids have trouble losing is that they can't hold on to who they were before the loss; instead, no matter how many successes they had under their belt, the loss transforms them irrevocably into a loser. It's as if each game is a gamble where they put all their chips on the table, and if they lose, they're cleaned out of all of their assets. If this is starting to sound like some of the adults you know, including yourself, read on, the solutions are pretty much one size fits all. These strategies will help your child maintain perspective when there are disappointments and encourage positive coping skills.

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Surviving College Rejection Letters: What To Do When A School Says No

Mouse / / CC BY-NC-ND


Following up on my recent blog post on handling college admission stress, Here is a piece I wrote last year about college rejection letters. So many parents wrote in after I published it telling me how grateful they were to have some guidance on this topic, because they were really struggling too. It's a statistical fact of life: rejection letters will happen. But it's what happens after the rejection that matters most. Here are tips for parents and students to stay on track and not get derailed by misinterpreting the meaning when a college says no.


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Kids and Sports: 8 Strategies to Take Charge of Disappointment and Stay in the Game / / CC BY-NC-SA

Is your child an anxious athlete? Did you sign your child up for a sports team thinking what a good experience it would be, only to find... it's not. If you have a child whose stomach is in knots before a practice or a game, or who is miserable and so hard on him or herself when things don't go perfectly-- don't give up and don't let your child give up either! Check out this article I wrote about how to teach your child to become a resilient athlete.  It's not about lowering the standards, it's about lowering the stakes. 

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How to (Lovingly) Teach Your Bossy Child Some New Lines

Bossy Child/ShutterstockHave you ever-- like 5 minutes ago when your child seated in front of his hamburger, demanded "Ketchup!" as if no other explanation were required-- felt that there is something wrong with the hierarchy in your family? Aren't parents supposed to be in charge? Don't worry, EVERY parent feels this way sometimes, no matter how well behaved their child is, nor whether their day job is a therapist talking to families about these issues all the time...  In this blog post I take on the challenge of the bossy child. Spoiler alert: It's all good news, and the solution is at least a two-person job. So roll up your sleeves and enjoy.

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Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking-- Second Edition Out Today!

Second Edition Freeing Your Child Negative ThinkingIt's Publication Day for Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking, Second Edition! Now more than ever we need powerful, practical, easy to remember strategies to help our kids (and ourselves) edit our first draft negative thoughts and interpretations to make our thinking more accurate and in the process open up possibilities in our lives where pessimism would show us only closed doors. Please check out the book and you will walk away with many, many strategies to help your "negative for now" child or teen see their world differently. Here's to less and worry and less negative thinking all around.

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