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Code Like a Girl: Learning to Code without Fear

Code Like a GirlWhen I was in college, back in the Stone Age, one day one of my professors marched us out of class and over to this mysterious building called the "Computing Center" and insisted we create an account and learn to use a computer. I, being me at the time, was afraid that one false key stroke and I would crash the whole system. Thank goodness that's ancient history, but tech anxiety is a real thing. Thanks to author of ThDaring Book for Girl, Miriam Peskowitz, and her wonderful new book, Code Like a Girl, tech anxiety could be a thing of the past. Code Like a Girl is a beautifully illustrated, super easy to follow fun adventure helping girls and anyone who is fearful to put their toes in the tech water see that while it may feel uncomfortable at first, it's really, really fun. Miriam is a super explainer/ inspirer/teacher/role model and I'm so lucky to say, my dear friend. So let's get the fear and anxiety out of tech for all of us: show them how it's done: Let's all code like a girl.

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