News Archive — August 2018

Anxiety Across the Lifespan on WHYY's "The Pulse"

Anxiety, iStock with Permission PeopleImagesI recently spoke about anxiety in children on a special program about anxiety across the lifespan on "The Pulse," a program on our NPR affiliate, WHYY, right here in Philadelphia. The program includes segments on children, adults, new moms and even senior citizens-- what anxiety feels like on the inside, and the very effective treatments available which can be life changing. I hope you’ll listen to the program and find comfort that you are not alone. Treatment is very effect; you can find a therapist at As always, here’s to less worry all around!

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Heading to College? It's OK to be Homesick


Close to twenty million students will head off to college this year, about a quarter of those for the very first time. Along with their hopes, dreams, boxes of microwave popcorn, laptop and cozy comforter, they will bring along their fears, and that's normal. Homesickness isn't exactly about missing home, it's about missing what's familiar. Given a little bit of time, college will become familiar and will feel like home. Here are many ideas to help that transition along: first an article I wrote about strategies for managing homesickness, and then a few links on the subject. The bottom line with any transition: trust you'll adjust. You always do. Here's to a great school year for all!

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