Reviews of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety

Of course this book is very smart and reasonable. But we've come to expect that from this gifted writer and clinician. But what Chansky does with this book is take the reader by the hand and guide them through the complex maze of thoughts and emotions in a way that is wise, compassionate and knowledge based. This is the gift of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety.

—Dr. Dan Gottlieb, psychologist, family therapist and author of Letters to Sam, Learning from the Heart and Wisdom of Sam


If a brain were to come with operating instructions, it would consist of these pages. I have always admired Chansky's work—both as a professional and as a patient—but this book will forever stay on my bed stand to remind me that anxiety can be managed and worry sent to the next room.

—Therese J. Borchard, author of Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety and Making the Most of Bad Genes


Flip through the pages of this book right now. Glance at some of the illustrations. If they intrigue you, then I encourage you to take this book for a spin. You'll discover what I already know: Dr. Chansky will entertain you with surprisingly easy ways to change your worried mind.

—Reid Wilson, Ph.D., author of Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks