Freeing Yourself from Anxiety

We all know what's healthy to think and what's not, much as we know that reaching for the apple is going to be serve us far better than gorging on donuts. But it's not so simple in the mind. Once we start on an anxious or negative track with our thinking, we don't know how to get from the disaster in our heads back to the reality in our lives.

Freeing Yourself from Anxiety: 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Worry and Create the Life You Want is a fresh, scientifically-based, creatively presented book that takes an accessible approach, level-headed and brightened by levity, to the perpetual challenge of managing our internal brain mail. By laying out the chutes and ladders of our thinking options side by side, readers can make educated choices about how to mobilize their lives rather than get stuck in a worry tunnel.

This book will help if you:

  • Have an anxiety disorder
  • Want to avoid medicine
  • Have worry that feels uncontrollable
  • Want to learn how to not get so upset by ups and downs of life
  • Feel stressed with day to day situations
  • Get disappointed easily and can't shake it
  • Are at a transition point in life, and are feeling stuck
  • Are very self-critical and perfectionistic