Excerpt from Freeing Your Child from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

from Chapter One: Defining the Problem

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Living in the land of OCD changes everything. The once tried-and-true parental tricks to soothe or redirect no longer work. Your power has been zapped. The mysterious force of OCD has picked you up out of your known way of life and plunked you down in a foreign land. The rules of daily life that you took for granted don't seem to apply here. Safe isn't safe enough, clean isn't clean enough, and loving reassurance—once a simple parental pleasure—is now an endless prospect.

As much as you feel disoriented, your child is lost too—her region of safety shrinking with each passing day as doubt erodes any beliefs about what "is." Commensurate with this erosion is your loss in confidence as a parent. The new daily "musts" of your child's life seem bizarre and unnecessary. You watch with amazement as the natural order of things is turned on its head. Your child is now in charge, running your household with his moods, moments, rituals and rages. Frightened and desperate, he leads the way, setting the rules. As parents you race around after your child trying to put out fires before they start. However precarious, you take any risk to try to make things right, although you know that peace won't last.

You Are Here!

What you will learn from reading this book is that while the change of scenery is jarring, perplexing and frightening, your parental instincts do have jurisdiction in this new land. You don't have to start over or trade in your old tricks for new ones. Armed with the right information, you can sort through the confusion of OCD and see it for what it is—a brain hiccup, a misfiring, a mechanical glitch. It is not the last word, it only acts that way. It can be fought and defeated. With the OCD demystified and demoted from brain demon to brain hiccup, you will be able to reclaim your parental authority and stand firm in your belief that your child can break free from OCD.