Freeing Your Child from Negative Thinking

All children can fall into negative thinking, seeing the worst in a situation, underestimating their strengths and being hard on themselves, some kids fall into that hole on a regular basis and parents are perplexed at how kids who have so much going for them can see themselves in such a bad light and get so stuck.

The problem for these kids isn't that their situations are worse, but the negative brain presents them with a dire picture and as a result they feel hopeless and give up. Whether your child is a frequent flyer into negative thinking, or just an occasional visitor, this book will give you an understanding and a language to help your child right-size the adversities in his life and access his strengths to overcome them.

Red Flags

  • focuses on mistakes and flaws, can't see the good
  • expects the worst outcome in a situation
  • is overly self-critical when anything goes wrong
  • Exaggerating and extending the importance of an adverse event
  • Blaming self for something that was caused by external circumstances; blaming big for small things
  • Generalizing that whatever happened, always happens
  • Becoming easily angry with self
  • Not trying activities unless sure can excel
  • Thinking bad things always happen, good things never happen
  • Trouble tolerating mistakes, disappointment or losing
  • Shutting down in the face of any obstacle