Anxiety Across the Lifespan on WHYY's "The Pulse"

Anxiety iStock with permission PeopleImagesAnxiety is the most common mental health condition, but fortunately it is also the most treatable. Young children suffer with anxiety; as many as 25% 13-18 year olds have mild to moderate anxiety, and over 40 million adults contend with a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. Though the experience of anxiety is universal, in the throes of worries, fears and dread, each one of those individuals making up those jarring statistics feels very alone. I was recently a guest on The Pulse, a program on our NPR affiliate WHYY, talking to host Maiken Scott about anxiety across the lifespan. The program includes segments about anxiety in children, adults, new moms and even senior citizens-- what anxiety feels like on the inside, and the very effective treatments available. You can listen to the full program by clicking here; my segment begins at 12:10. Treatment options can be found at Now more than ever, here’s to less worry all around.