Freeing Yourself from Anxiety - Now Available!

Freeing Yourself from Anxiety, by Dr. Tamar Chansky - coverToday is the release day for my new book, Freeing Yourself from Anxiety: 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Worry and Create the Life You Want. It's a book about how to overcome the everyday worry and doubt that all of us feel everyday and not let it distract us from the business of what is actually going on in our lives.

What's one quick way to overcome worry? Name it: Disaster Man, The Critic, Picky Picky. You decide. When you realize that worry always says the same kinds of things: Everything is going to go wrong! You're totally unprepared! You have no idea what to do! What if you forget what to say?!, and that the things it says are never right, or are grossly exaggerated, then you are free to press the mute button on that soundtrack in your mind, and reach instead for the wisdom within you.

What worry can look likeOnce you can hear yourself think clearly, you will find that you're more prepared than you feel, and things tend to go better than you think. Just because worry gets there first doesn't mean it's right. It's time to call on someone else in the class: your wisdom, your authority, your experience. These are the parts of your mind that will help you be prepared, not scared.

Put your mind under new management: yours.

Worry less. Live more. Start now.

Here are a few pictures from Freeing Yourself from Anxiety of what worry can look like. What does your worry look like? Let me know.

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