Dr. Chansky's expertise on anxiety is frequently requested for a variety of television, radio, print and internet media. Dr. Chansky is available to offer professional expertise and insight on a wide variety of topics including: anxiety, stress, resilience, optimism and pessimism, perfectionism and procrastination for all age groups from preschoolers to adults.

TV Appearances

Surving Motherhood: First day of School: TLC

Childhood Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: The Jane Pauley Show, Inside Edition, ABC News

Understanding Perfectionism and Overcoming Procrastination with Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner


Print and Online Features

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Radio Interviews

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life - with Joan Herrmann

NPR's Voices in the Family—Resilience: Dr. Chansky talks with Dr. Dan Gottlieb

Expert Tips for a Smooth Back to School Transition: Dr. Chansky interviewed by Joe Bruzzese on Blog Talk Radio

Creating Healthy Balance about Overcoming Negative Thinking: Dr. Chansky talks with Beth Irvine at Blogtalkradio (starts at 3.50)


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