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Tamar Chansky Profile photoFor nearly two decades I've been immersed in the world of anxiety treatment—teaching people powerful strategies to help them find their own anxiety cure and move far beyond the limits anxiety can impose. Working with patients as young as three to as old as grandparents, I've found just how powerful we all can be in making a difference in the quality of our lives when we have good information about what's going on in our minds.

When you understand the tricks the mind can play, you can approach the ups and downs of life with competence and clear thinking rather than get detoured by the unreliable story worry tells you. You get to choose which version of your life story you're listening to. Take charge of anxiety by downgrading it's significance and reconnecting with your voice of reason. Come learn how to quiet the noise worry creates in the mind, move out of catastrophe mode, and shift back to reality and the myriad possibilities it holds. Worry less, live more, start now.

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